Believe us, there are not many of you reading this that wouldn't benefit from owning the '57 Les Paul Reissue irrespective of your style. Once the popularity of the Les Paul reassured Gibson that it was on to something, the company expanded the range both upwards and downwards. The latter niche was filled by the so-called 'economy' model, the Junior, initially released in The Junior has seen a recent upsurge in popularity not least thanks to the continuing hugeness of Oakland pop-punkers Green Day and the current availability of the ultra-cool Billie Joe Armstrong signature Junior, and it's the solid performance values and simplicity that maintain the interest.

Epiphone has remained as faithful as practical to the spec of the original early-fifties single-cut Junior - the double-cut version was launched inby the way - opting for an unbound and very flat slab mahogany body, restrained black scratchplate and classic wraparound bridge. Originally the pickup would have been one of Gibson's lauded P single-coils that have been the bee's knees since their own introduction inbut here Epiphone USA has designed a P humbucker loaded with classic Alnico magnets for the guitar: it's controlled by single volume and tone pots and is crowned by the always vibesome dog-ear cover.

The coils themselves are, as you'd expect, stacked rather than placed side by side and the single row of screw pole pieces gives nothing away if you like your guitars to look as authentic as possible. One facet of early Gibson solidbodies is the unusual dimensions of the necks, especially when compared to contemporary 'as thin as Naomi Campbell' options we can all attest to. Epiphone has dubbed the neck here as 'classic', which translates to a rather wide and very fat feel, and there's no denying that it's a hefty construction.

That's not to say that it's in any way uncomfortable: it's really not and with a set-up offering a slightly higher action than usual, this is a man's guitar! Although the Junior comes out of the box strung with a regular 10 set, it does scream out for a heavier gauge simply because the guitar demands you absolutely thrash it and, what's more, seems perfectly able to stand up to any level of abuse. We'll see…. Although Ps are traditional single coils in the electronic sense, their fatter and wider bobbins do give a higher output and vamped-up mid-range than Fender-style singles.

There's plenty of bite on offer too, and the fact that the P here has stacked coils means the traditional single-coil hum and abrasive top end is replaced by a rounder, more tuneful tone albeit with the same high output that can be dialled in as required. Cleanly we found that using the tone pot to smooth off the trebly corners still further allowed for a nice soupy tone akin to that of a Tele's neck pickup on steroids, while adding increasing amounts of gain took the Junior from blues and punk into classic rock territory with ease.

Things do turn nasty at high gains, but if you have the gumption the guitar has the tone and we could easily visualise using this guitar in whatever scenario we found ourselves. For slide, though, it's just the thing with aggressive Thorogood-style licks befitting richly from the spec, and, at this price, anyone with the slightest interest in playing or learning slide should snap one up. It'd make a more than adequate second guitar too… So, can it handle itself in a fight?

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We set it up with a set of humungous D'Addario. MusicRadar The No. Home Reviews. Our Verdict Believe us, there are not many of you reading this that wouldn't benefit from owning the '57 Les Paul Reissue irrespective of your style.

Pros A great price. Top tones and solid performance. Cons All things considered, genuinely nothing. We'll see… Sounds Although Ps are traditional single coils in the electronic sense, their fatter and wider bobbins do give a higher output and vamped-up mid-range than Fender-style singles.Collectibility Rating: B, C.

General Comments: Originally sold as Gibson's least expensive, single pickup, student solid body model it was replaced as the least expensive solidbody Gibson in by the Melody Maker.

A really under-rated guitar, I find the Gibson Les Paul Junior to be an amazing sounding solid body electric guitar with the,and models the best. The except to this rule are and most model Les Paul TV models. By the model changed to full scale but still retained the maple body. By the body was mahogany and full scale.

The late and later full scale mahogany version is the most desirable as the sound is much fuller with a long scale and mahogany body. See the Gibson Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year. If you have a vintage Gibson Les Paul Junior guitar for sale, please contact me at cfh provide. Pickup location very close to the bridge.

Short threaded bridge post inserts which often lean forward and can even crack the wood between the bridge posts and the pickup, yellow "ink stamp" serial number on a dark brown back. Tuners are "no line" Kluson "3 on a plate" style tuners with plain brass posts the posts are not nickel plated like the rest of the tuner parts.

Gibson Les Paul Junior: Neck shape?

By mid to late mahogany bodies are the norm for this model serial 5 57xx maple, xxx mahogany. Usually one piece mahogany body, but sometimes two piece body is seen. This modification stops the posts from leaning forward. This was a common problem on and Les Paul Juniors, and often cracked the wood between the posts and the pickup.

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Also the pickup was moved slightly towards the neck to allow more wood between the pickup route and the bridge posts. This happened in early By mid tuners change to "single line" Kluson "3 on a plate" style tuners with plain brass posts the posts are not nickel plated like the rest of the tuner parts.

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Pots change from IRC to Centralab in early Mid Gibson "Les Paul SG" Junior guitar specs: body style change to symmetrical rounded double cutaways, thick slab mahogany body, cherry red finish around serial number "8 49xx" but note that single cutaway Junior have been seen as late as The first few batches of and early double cutaway Les Paul Juniors had a noticably sharper body edge, like the edge on the single cutaway Junior.

By early the edge became more rounded but there were definately models made with the rounded body style too. Also in late there were some 4-digit serial number Juniors and Specials all with to serial numbers like andwith no "8" or "9" as the leading digit.

All the 4-digit serial number Juniors and Specials seem to have the more square-edged body style.

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Also often the 4-digit serial number Juniors used "soapbar" style P90 pickups underneath the dog ear covers. The serial number color changed from a yellow inkstamp to a black inkstamp on the cherry red models, but some early cherry Juniors still had a yellow serial number.

Again some early cherry Juniors have a slightly different pickguard shape with the bass-side of the pickguard going up the cutaway horn slightly instead of being rounded. Frets changed to larger width in spring but some 4-digit Juniors have factory large frets.

The peghead still says "Les Paul", but often this body style is refered to as the "SG" body style. Les Paul TV Model discontinued in We use cookies to understand how you use our site, give you an awesome experience, and deliver our services. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The Gibson Custom Shop is the pinnacle of craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence. Gibson and Slash are proud to present the new Slash Collection of signature guitars.

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Paying tribute to our iconic past, the Original Collection brings back the classic guitars that shaped sound across all generations and genres of music. The Modern Collection builds on our legacy of innovation by introducing modern features and shaping sound for future generations.

les paul junior dimensions

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Gibson Les Paul Junior

Les Paul Junior Vanguards of Innovation. Featuring the Gibson Tuning System. Combined with increased speed and accuracy, G FORCE provides the best and simplest user experience yet in an automatic tuning system. Zero Fret Adjustable Nut patent applied for The patent applied for Zero Fret Adjustable Nut increases sustain, promotes accurate intonation, and improves action by offering a wide, range of nut adjustments.

Slide guitarists can raise and lower action easily. Wider Neck and Fingerboard A wider neck and fingerboard increase playing comfort for hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bends, yet the same string spacing retains a familiar, consistent feel. Comprehensive Wood Selection Gibson USA matches the rarest and finest woods to every guitar based on the quality of the match, consistency of the figure, intensity of the figure, clarity, and wave.

Thicker Rosewood Fingerboard The increased mass of a thicker, one-piece rosewood fingerboard extends sustain.

les paul junior dimensions

Pearl Inlays Genuine pearl inlays enhance the guitar's appearance and increase its value. Smoother Sanded, Buffed and Oiled Fingerboard A new, unique oil-treated buffing process upgrades the fingerboard to a silkier feel. Improved Output Jack The re-designed jack houses a more secure, multipoint connection for better signal transfer and holds cables more firmly in place.

Heavier Gauge Wire All Gibson USA guitars now use thicker, stranded wire that provides more surface area for making strong internal connections. Les Paul's th Anniversary Gibson is proud to honor the creative genius who not only invented the most iconic guitar ever, but pioneered home and multitrack recording for all musicians. Gibson USA is dedicated to continuing his legacy of innovation. Les Paul Hologram This unique hologram verifies the authenticity of the Model Year guitars, while paying tribute to the man whose is synonymous with the most coveted guitar in the world.

New and Improved Hardshell Case The new and improved hardshell case for upgrades the look and strength. Made to withstand an up to foot drop up to four times more resistant to drops than other casesthe tough, ergonomic, molded exterior and cushioned interior provide maximum protection as well as insulation from temperature and humidity extremes.

New and Improved in Weight Average Weight body only : 2. Wood Selection Scale. Body Grade:. Density: Grain:. High Variations. Medium Medium. Low Slight. Ultra Low Clear. Slight Carve adds a subtle curve that accents the guitar's shape. Classic Carve provides moderate carving that emphasizes the guitar's shape and grain.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. I was planning to buy an electric guitar and amazon. The related question that I have is: what's a junior guitar?

The Cheapest 2019 Gibson is My Favorite?! -- Gibson 2019 Les Paul Junior Tribute DC Demo/Review

What's the standard length of a fretboard on a guitar and how many frets should it normally have? Does a junior guitar have lesser number of frets or is it that the fretboard is just scaled for young teenagers?

les paul junior dimensions

It was originally designed to be an affordable alternative to the Les Paul Standard, and thus is not as fully-featured. The main differences compared to a traditional Les Paul are:. You can read more about the Les Paul Junior in the Wikipedia article. If you start with a Les Paul Junior, you shouldn't have any difficulty switching to a higher-end Les Paul model, save perhaps having to adjust to a second pickup and more tonal options at your disposal.

At the time, LP's were quite a bit more so many people started buying Jr's because of the cost difference. Because of this, Gibson ended up scaling the Jr up to standard size, which is what, we have today. Clarification: just because it is a "junior" guitar, does not necessarily mean that it is any worse of a guitar - or even in some cases a step down - than its standard counterpart. For example, Glenn Frey, legendary guitarist of the Eagles Hotel California played the majority of the band's earlier recordings on a Gibson Les Paul junior with an extra neck pickup also a p90including, if I'm not mistaken, the solo in Hotel California.

Some people also prefer the Junior for other reasons, such as its light weight - a 4. Also, my personal preference is for the sound of the single coil p90s slightly more than the PAF humbuckers silver pickups found in standard Les Paulsbecause of their warm, crunchy midrange at more distorted volumes. If you know what you are buying and what it is made out of, it can still be a fantastic sounding guitar.

I'd definitely recommend trying them both out. In guitar products jargon usually means reduced price in cost of features or quality. Usually Junior will be better than Special. It takes some time to learn what they usually mean. Les Paul junior is on of the most professionally used junior guitars anyway.

If you're talking Gibson then all of their guitars are good. Throughout the years there were a few models that were "lemons" by Gibson standards, but Gibson sets a high bar. In other words even a "bad" model Gibson will usually last longer and sound as good or better than a "good" model from some other brands.

The Jr models, were less costly than the full models, but they did this through simplifying the functions. So, you have volume and tone. Same wood, neck and other quality aspects of the full model, but simply less options. As someone else mentioned there are many times the "Jr" was preferred, since there wasn't a lot of tone variation, the Jr had 1 set sound of its own, which for certain songs or styles was preferable.Discussion in ' Luthier's Corner ' started by slabcutMar 3, Log in or Sign up.

SG Guitars. Joined: Mar 3, Messages: 20 Likes Received: 2. Last edited: Mar 4, Sorry, I can't help you with measurements immediately as my two old SGs are not to hand. I may be able to get some measurements from my Cipollina SG replica which was based on the others and '65, both of which were different!!! As regards the bevels they vary from guitar to guitar in the early '60s. You'll either have to copy directly from an oldie or improvise and go with what looks right.

There are plenty of pics on here of original SGs or replicas, so have a look and see what works for you. I notice that most new SGs, and most copies, are not pointy enough on the horns. Let me know if you need help. Thanks, every measurement is welcome. Neck Joint. On top of the body those bevels seem to be a little wider than on the backside. I have looked over your measurements etc, etc. After handling and measuring many 60's SG's all i can tell you is not one of them is identical.

Even though a majority of the shaping was done by machine a lot of hand work was also involved so no two will be identical. Also during the early to mid 60's process's were being re-evaluated and changes mademainly to the neck joint.

So If I were you I'd go by what you have or you'll go nuts trying to get it "factory original" BTW: The drawing you have of the Jr body is about as accurate as you are going to get. It was Cad drawn after tons of measurements were taken from a 63 Jr. What I can do is measure the template and post the measurements for the A-B-C, etc,etc drawing. Are you a member of mylespaul dot com? Reason I ask is all of the the 63 Jr temp pdf and headstock pic were posted over there in the Luthier Section.

SG LouMar 7, Last edited: Mar 7, SG LouMar 8, Last edited: Mar 8, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content.Its typical design features a solid mahogany body with a carved maple top and a single cutawaya mahogany set-in neck with a rosewood fretboard, two pickups with independent volume and tone controls, and a stoptail bridgealthough variants exist.

The Les Paul was originally offered with a gold finish and two P pickups. Inhumbucking pickups were added, along with sunburst finishes in The sunburst — Les Paul — today one of the best-known electric guitar types in the world — was considered a failure, [ citation needed ] with low production and sales.

The original single-cutaway, carved top bodystyle was re-introduced in The Les Paul has been produced in many versions and editions since.

Along with Fender's Telecaster and Stratocasterit was one of the first mass-produced electric solid-body guitars. Due to their versatility, Les Paul electric guitars have been used in a wide range of music genres, including rockcountrypopsoulrhythm and bluesbluesjazzreggaepunkand heavy metal.

Inthe ancestors of Fender Telecaster Fender Esquire and Fender Broadcaster were introduced to the musical market and solid-body electric guitars became a public craze. Les Paul was a respected innovator who had been experimenting with guitar design for years. He had hand-built a solid-body prototype nicknamed "The Log", often suggested as the first solid-body Spanish guitar ever built. In orPaul had approached Gibson with "The Log" prototypebut his design was rejected.

Early prototypes are very similar to the final version. McCarty approached Les Paul for the right to imprint the musician's name on the headstock with the intention of increasing sales; inGibson presented Paul a nearly finished instrument for approval.

les paul junior dimensions

McCarty stated that design discussions with Les Paul were limited to the tailpiece and the fitting of a maple cap over the mahogany body for increased density and sustain, which Les Paul had requested reversed. However, this reversal would have caused the guitar to become too heavy, and Paul's request was refused. The Custom did not appear on the market for another two years following the introduction of the Goldtop; it is possible that Gibson had planned a full model range of guitars with a roll-out over the course of several years at the time when initial specifications were being set.

Les Paul's contributions to the guitar line bearing his name were more than cosmetic; for example, Paul specified that the guitar be offered in a gold finish, not only for flashiness, but to emphasize the high quality of the Gibson Les Paul instrument. The guitar made its public debut when Paul used it onstage in June at the Paramount theatre in New York. A second Les Paul model was introduced in Called the Les Paul Custom, this black guitar with gold-plated hardware was dubbed the "Black Beauty".

Various bridge and tailpiece designs were added in andincluding the popular Tune-o-matic bridge. The Goldtop and Custom models continued without significant changes until InP pickups were no longer offered on Les Pauls.

New humbucker pickups designed by Seth Lover in U. Patent 2, debuted on Les Pauls in This innovation in pickups became the flagship pickup design most associated with Gibson. Many other guitar companies followed suit, outfitting their electrics with versions of the humbucking pickup.

Inthe Les Paul saw its first major design change. A new model, called the Standard, retained most features of the Goldtop. However, Standards featured a cherry-red sunburst finish. These guitars were priced higher than the Goldtop models, but lower than the Customs.

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At this time, Gibson instruments were marketed toward an older, jazz-oriented audience rather than young burgeoning guitarists. As a result, over the three-year period of production, only c.

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